Getting Help

This page is no longer being updated. Please see the Getting Help Page on our new Documentation Site at for the most up to date information.




Additional Documentation:

If you haven't found your answer elsewhere in this wiki, you may find it here. We provide a list of FAQ's and external Resources.



If none of these resources are answering your question, please contact us at In this email, please provide, where applicable:

  • Description of your issue or request
  • Job ID(s)
  • What you tried
  • The full error message you are recieving
  • Any supporing files (code, submission scripts, screenshots, etc)

Office Hours:

We also host weekly office hours. A reminder email is sent out weekly with the exact location and time. If you would like to attend office hours and don't think you are getting these reminder emails, please email

SuperCloud Office hours are also listed on the ORCD webpage. The office hours are listed under 

  • HPC Help Office Hours
  • HPC Help Virtual Office Hours